Job Opportunities

Employer information

CCL Label Industries (Philippines) - A subsidiary of CCL Industries Inc, a leading global packaging producer, listed in Toronto Stock Exchange (CCLTB.TO). CCL Industries operates 74 manufacturing facilities globally in 24 countries and 6 continents.  CCl has 3 plants in China, 3 plants inThailand (another will start construction soon), a fast expanding plant in Vietnam, a plant under construction in the Philippines and also a licensed plant in Indonasia. Seeking all opportunitites to exapand in Asia and emerging markets.

Work location

Permanent position based in Calamba, Laguna, Philippines.

After successful years in the Philippines, CCL provide chances to work plants outside of the Philippines (8 existing and 2 constructing in Asia, total 74 manufacturing locations globally).


Competitive benefit depending upon proven ability and experience.

How to apply

Please contact HR Manager Ms. Myla Galang (mgalang)

a) Please allow us initial selection before interviews by reading your resume.

b) You will be contacted for the interview.  Please make sure to give us valid phone number or e-mail address where we can contact you at once.

c) Our Human Resources Manager will conduct the interview occasionally together with other Department Manager(s).

Please write your resume

1) Education - List your last one or two institutes only or the most vital for applied position

2) Work exprience - List your work experience for the last 5-10 years only. In this duration of job history, please specify your job title and scope of work other than simply

3) Skills - List your skills only related to the items listed above.

4) Reference - List only 1-2 references with active phone numbers.

5) Please avoid listing your seminar history or diploma for corporate training courses.