Siam Winery Premium Wine Label

Siam Winery is Thailand's leading producer and distributor of wine and innovate lifestyle beverages. In 2003, Siam Winery found the quality of the grapes was very good so they started searching for a plot of land large enough to grow grapes at commercial level in the Hua Hin area.

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Monsoon Valley Wine represents Thai Wine

Monsoon Valley is their iconic wine range and is served in leading Thai restaurants around the world so the way to present and promote differentiation of product is to present Thai culture on their label.

Monsoon Valley Wine label holds certain key Thai culture information which is Thai traditional character which we call it "Naga"

Hot Stamping at the edge of Naga make this logo stand out from the background and also make packaging look more premium because of gold color hot stamping.

When we see their wine on shelves we can see Siam Winery has three ranges wines - classic, premium and flagship by looking at packaging and labeling appearance.

CCL team understand this point of view very well and we made it well by do our best for Siam Winery moreover we collaborate in every single process with our customers. We treat our customer as our partner. Contact us for more information.