The FlairBurst Collection

Normally consumers are confronted with approx 30,000 products in an average one supermarket.  They have only 8-10 seconds to indentify a product typically consider only about one third of the brand displayed. How can make your product to be the one of third brand that consumer consider ? 

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Grab your customer’s attention!
Introducing CCL’s FlairBurst series

Flairburst creates a remarkable color travel effect … 

As the consumer walks past the bottle on shelf the color will change. Then when the consumer picks up the package the color typically changes yet again.

This product also makes exciting back labels when used in a Dual-printed scenario …

Combine a clear front and this innovative back label to create a fascinating and dimensional look

The Flairburst effect film utilizes a PLA (polylactic acid) core layer that is a resin derived from corn. This renewable resource captures the mounting sustainable priorities within our greening industry.


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