What Do Guinness and Captain Morgan Have in Common?

CCL Label for Guinness and Captain Morgan

Guinness Pressure Sensitive Label

CCL WashOff Labels

WashOff is a Pressure Sensitive Label which can be removed from bottles in industrial bottle washing machines, utilizing the existing infrastructure and washing process. WashOff offers No-Label Look decoration for returnable bottles and is a patented technology of CCL Label.


  • WashOff offers No-Label Look decoration for returnable bottles
  • Adhesive and inks stay on label, don‘t pollute bath → less water, chemical and energy consumption
  • Less carry-over of labels
  • No caustic for label removal required
  • Labels shrink which minimizes waste volume

Captain Morgan Pressure Sensitive Label

No label, no brand!

Whatever kind of appearance is required; CCL Label is able achieving it. POS differentiation in the shelf is today’s most important request from our customers. Appearance differentiation can be achieved with different substrates as well with different printing techniques.

In addition to that CCL are capable offering various innovations like:

  • tactile feeling
  • glow In the dark or UV reflection
  • fluorescent inks
  • spot matt and glossy varnish
  • thermo chromic ink
  • dual printed labels

Combining clear fronts and innovative back labels creates a fascinating and dimensional look. Consumers see through the front label to the picture behind that is enhanced by the product within.

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